Update on Missing Information

Retail prices on the 6 standard controllers (Indigo, Jet Black, Spice Orange, Indigo/Clear, Platinum and Emerald Blue) in South Korea and their precise release dates (December 14th 2002). Precise release date of the Mario controller from VIP 24:7 in Europe (2005). Original price (Stars) for the Grey WaveBird from VIP 24:7 in Europe. Precise releaseContinue reading “Update on Missing Information”

The Rumours and Mockups

Ever since Nintendo hinted about the existence of the Dolphin project, fans have been drawing (and making) mockups of what the next gen controller could be. I’ve seen a bunch of them going through my research for this site, and funnily, some of them are still confused to be real prototype units. A bit ohContinue reading “The Rumours and Mockups”


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